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Combining outdoor learning with global understanding about, poverty, growing, ecosystems and wellbeing this is a popular day with pupils and teachers alike.

Lifeworlds are offering Global Garden Days (delivery and support) in your primary school from as little as £500.

Read more below or contact us to talk it through if you prefer.

Global Garden Days

A pre-visit 2 hour workshop will introduce the project and share the challenge as well as make sure everyone is clear about what is involved and needed for the actual day. Preliminary preparations may form part of the day and plans can be made to get the very most out of the project. This is followed by the 'Build Day' which is the 'hands-on' gardening day within the school grounds.

We will provide a facilitator, tools and learning materials. You provide energy and wellies!

Although aimed at Y4-Y6, this workshop has been successfully delivered with Y2 and Y3 providing there is sufficient adult support to help with more physically demanding aspects.

The day works best with a group of around 20 pupils (this can be from across years) though can be delivered to a full class of 35 max. The day requires one member of staff and at least two other adult helpers who can be a teaching assistants or community/parent helpers. We can provide more staff by prior agreement.

The full project (pre-visit workshop + 'Build Day') begins at £500* to cover our trained specialist staff and learning materials, but remember this gets you a useable garden for ongoing learning in your school.

The other potential cost for schools are the materials (bricks/logs for edges, soil and compost, wire/canes for the centre basket), but many schools have sourced these for free from within their community and/or local companies and Lifeworlds will advise you on this during the pre-visit.

The day itself has connections to draw out with science (growing, life-cycles) and geography (localities, poverty) in particular, but the entire engagement also connects with literacy (reading instructions, writing letters, analysing text etc) and maths (measuring, volume, quantity etc).

The day also connects very well with wider school and government agendas such as SMSC, 'British' values and character education, all of which are key considerations for Ofsted.

Contact us to make or enquire about a booking. We will find dates that work for your school and send you an electronic learning agreement to secure the booking. Once this is returned we will begin the preparations for your project by working directly with your named lead teacher.

Service agreement for Global Garden Day

By agreement Lifeworlds Learning can offer a full service agreement for your project whereby we also provide the physical materials for creating the garden. These are provided at a cost + delivery rate using our own estbalished suppliers. The precise cost will depend on location and the extent of service you wish us to offer, but will be happy to quote you should you wish to take advantage of our experience in procuring the materials needed for the project.

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* Final quoted price may vary based on travel costs, staffing requirement and any service agreement requested of Lifeworlds (see below).

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Global Garden Days