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Originally developed with the Fairtrade Foundation to help schools interested in becoming Fairtrade Schools, we are still offering this hands on workshop for KS2 using our giant 'walk-on' world map.

Learners will explore the concept of fairness and gain insights into our unequal world, before investigating the idea of Fairtrade as one possible response to this. They will discover the range of Fairtrade products now available and examine in detail some case studies of how Fairtrade helps families and communities.

They will also have the chance to discuss Fairtrade with our experienced practitioners and think about their own next steps.

Read more below or contact us to talk it through if you prefer.

World Beneath Our Feet: A

A hands-on workshop of between 90 minutes that will have learners working individually, in small groups and as a large group. Group size per workshop is limited to 35 pupils due to safety and accessibility on the map, but the workshop can be repeated 2-4 times in a school day allowing up to 140 pupils to access the learning.

Use the workshop as part of a unit on Fairtrade or as a one-off workshop during Fairtrade Fortnight. We will require a large space (hall is ideal) for the map as it is 5 x 4 metres.

The workshop is designed to be ideal for KS2 learning but can be adapted and shortened a little to allow KS1 to also access the session. There are differentiation options built in so that learners of all abilities should feel engaged and valued during the workshop.

We require at least one member of staff to be in attendance at all times during the workshop. A 90 min staff twilight exploring global issues and values can be booked for the same day at just £125 (normally £285).

A full day in your school is £465* and will enable 3 (4 if made slightly shorter) workshops to be delivered to up to 35 pupils/session. A half day session is available for £285* with the number of sessions reduced accordingly.

Cost includes our skilled practitoner and learning materials including those left in school to further the learning.

The day itself has connections to SMSC, geography, maths, literacy and science and these can be drawn out accordingly as required. It also has strong links for schools involved in global learning or working towards their Eco-Schools Awards. We can also incorporate a rights perspective if you are interested in using the workshop to support Rights Respecting Schools progress.

Contact us to make or enquire about a booking. We will find dates that work for your school and send you an electronic learning agreement to secure the booking. Once this is returned we will begin the preparations for your Fairtrade workshop by working directly with your named lead teacher.

Lifeworlds Learning
because the world is bigger

* Final quoted price may vary based on travel costs, staffing requirement and any additional requirements of Lifeworlds. Same day twilight is payable as addiitonal cost.

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