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Literacy learning at Lifeworlds falls under our 'Reading our world' project which was one of our first offers and builds on our background in literacy learning and as authors, designers and publishers of children's books.

With literacy a universal mainstay of teaching and learning it can offer a major opportunity to introduce, explore and develop key aspects of learning that schools might otherwise struggle to find time for. This includes areas such as SMSC (Spiritual Moral, Social and Cultural development), global learning, values (character) and resilience, and sustainability education.

Not only is this an efficient approach to learning, but it can greatly enhance core literacy skills through the use of highly engaging and innovative picture books and children's fiction.

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As with all of our professional learning opportunities we are very happy to tailor a 'Reading our world' to meet own specific requirements, but we also offer a series of pre-planned sessions that have been created, delivered and revised in partnership with previous schools, organisations and partners.

The following can be booked directly with our team of literacy practitioners in your school.

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If you are not sure what is best for you or want to explore alternative options then please contact us and our lead practitioner, Rob Bowden, will be pleased to advise you.

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