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Some examples of previous projects and partnerships:

National Literacy Trust

Network development

Lifeworlds won a national tender in the Guardian to assist the National Literacy Trust in forming a new consultants network to provide support for literacy in schools at the end of the national literacy strategy.

The network was established on schedule and now forms part of the NLTs integrated schools network supporting literacy. Lifeworlds and its practitioners continue to periodically contribute to the network.

Peak District National Park

Learning and Discovery team - strategic planning

Lifeworlds supported the education team from the Peak District National Park to refocus their education offer following a period of restructuring and budget cuts.

This work involved team building activities, appreciative enquiry, asset mapping, values, visioning and change management.

British Red Cross

Humanitarian Education Team - outcomes strategy

Lifeworlds co-designed and facilitated an outcomes journey over 18 months for the Humanitarian Education team of the British Red Cross.

This work involved a critical reflection on the educational work of the organisation and a re-visioning of their intended outcomes in working with young people.

More recently this work has moved into an operational stage with the current focus on how to effectively monitor impact.

Peak District National Park

Conservation Volunteers - strategic planning

Lifeworlds was commissioned to produce a strategic overview of the Peak Park Conservation Volunteers (PPCV) service in order to help move the service towards a cost-recovery model within the context of significant authority cuts.

This work involved working closely with the PPCV and National Parks management to audit the current service and provide a 'Case for Change' exploring various future scenarios.

The work is now moving into a business planning phase.

Xiehe Education Organisation, Shanghai

Editorial and design support for learning publication

Lifeworlds was successful in tendering to support the Xiehe Education Organisation of Shanghai, China to produce a learning publication celebrating 10 years of their 'East meets West' dual-stream global schools model.

The work has involved co-ordinating the content and designing and publishing the English language version of the publication.

Our partnership with Xiehe is continuing into 2017-18.

Schools Linking Network (SLN)

Production of learning resources and website

Lifeworlds was asked to produce a bank of teaching resources for use in the classroom that supported the work of SLN around the community cohesion agenda.

The project involved the production of original content and a clear structure for resource support as well as initial web-support to take the resources online.

These resources continue to form a major bank of materials supporting cohesion, linking and SMSC work in the UK.

Link Community Development

Professional training course

Lifeworlds were commissioned to design, write and deliver the professional training courses for schools participating in the school linking programme of Link Community Development.

The work involved establishing an in-depth insight into the work of the organisation and applying their intended aims to the wider context in which schools were operating.