Lifeworlds and its practitioners work with clients big and small, localy and globally. Our portfolio includes small one-off engagements, and larger extended research projects with multiple elements and audiences.

This page shares some of our clients and what we have done for them. Their inclusion is for information and is not an endorsement of our services. See our testimony page for endorsements.

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We supported Peacemeakers in the writing, design and printing of a major publication, "Learning for Peace" that shared their pedagogy and practice for supporting primary schools in their SMSC development.

We have designed and published a major training guide for Xiehe - "Developing Global Schools in China" - and have also provided on-site training over 3 years to many of their schools and senior management team in Learning Through Values and Philosophy for Children.

We supported the Learning & Discovery team through a significant restructure, helping them to come together as a team, determine their meaning and their values and to consider how to develop through the changes.

We were commissioned to undertake a strategic scoping project for the Conservation Volunteers looking at how to enable the team to broaden their offer and generate more of their own operational income.

Lifeworlds were commissioned as the delivery partner for a national pilot project called 'Leading Through Values' which was to explore the potential of schools putting values-led learning at the centre of their curriculum and school development plans.

A small-scale controlled pilot across nine schools, the project suggested that a values approach was both meaningful and effective, leading to observable improvements in attainment and behaviour, but also providing teachers and learners with greater creativity, more critical thinking skills, and a general increase in their enjoyment of learning.

The pilot project has gone on to inform other initiatives including the Global Learning Programme- England and our own work through our internationally acclaimed Learning Through Values programme.

Lifeworlds designed and produced materials for a primary school, science-led workshop exploring sustainability. "Shaping the Future" was delivered locally by the Northfield staff in Birmingham, with training input from Lifeworlds practitioners.

Lifeworlds were commissioned by the GLP-England to respond to the introduction of Fundamental British Values into English schools. We have also supported the programme in developing a model for delivery CPD to clusters of schools.

The Little Urban Centre Preschool in Shanghai commissioned Lifeworlds to provide training to its whole staff team in Learning Through Values and Philosophy for Children (P4C).

We have been commissioned over a number of years to support Eco-Schools (Keep Britain Tidy) in their engagement with schools. This has included offering workshops for pupils and staff and providing keynote inputs to the Eco-Schools Roadshows in 2015 and 2016.

Through education grants from the Fairtrade Foundation we have devised, developed and delivered a number of projects for schools including "A Fairtrade World" pupil workshop with our giant maps and "Build-a-Book" Fairtrade.

Lifeworlds are regularly commissioned by British Red Cross and our work with them has included professional training for staff around change management, meaningfulness amd facilitation for learning.

We have completed strategic research projects for them on resilience, impact and evaluation, and on responding to changes in the national curriculum across the UK territories.

In addition we produce teaching resources for their outreach to schools, including the annual support for Refugee week which we have produced for them in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

We have been commissioned by SAPERE to support P4C sessions on their behalf, and we are currently (2017-19) working with them as part of the national Education Endowment Fund research project on the impact of P4C in primary schools at KS2.


Lifeworlds were commissioned by UNESCO and UNEP to write a youth guide to climat change for the YouthXchange project. We were also asked to come up with a design concept and to produce the initial pulication for UNESCO/UNEP that would then go on to form a series of publications for the YouthXchange programme. You can see the finished guide on our publications page.


We were commissioned to use our "Build-a-Book" project for a targeted water conservation project with primary schools in Shrophsire on behalf of Severn Trent Water.


GED have commissioned us to support them in the delivery of funded projects through pupil workshops and through resource and training development.


Oxfam commisioned us to produce a training package for international non governmental organisations to be used with schools to encourage their engagement with INGOs for their global learning. The package included workshop materials, learning pathways and a training session for delivery staff.


We won a tender to create the new consultants network for the NLT to support schools in accessing literacy support.

We were also commissioned by them to produce supporting resources for a new publication called "The Bone Sparrow" by Zana Fraillon.

We were commissioned by Send a Cow over two years to deliver their African Garden Day workshop for primary learners, exploring growing and Africa in order to encourage global learning and sustainability education. We continue to offer the workshop under a licence agreement with Send a Cow.

DECSY have commissioned us to deliver workshops for teachers and to produce resources to support funded project work.

Lifeworlds were contracted by Schools Linking Network (now rebranded as The Linking Network) to create a design concept and bank of c.70 resources to support their work with schools around Community Cohesion (now part of the SMSC in schools).