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We aim to be as supportive as we can to our partners and clients and wherever possible we will amend or adapt plans to take accommodate any change to bookings. We also have to protect and consider our practitioner team however, many of whom are freelance and work to specified bookings.

The following terms and conditions set out a fair and simple agreement that underpins all bookings made with Lifeworlds Learning. On confirmation of a booking you will have been sent a link to this page and given 24 hours to withdraw your request for services should you not agree with these. If we do not hear from you within 24hours then you are deemed to have agreed to the following:



1. Confirmation of booking

A booking is considered 'confirmed' at the point we (Lifeworlds Learning) have received a phone conversation or email correspondence regarding a specific service for delivery on a specified date (or over a date period) for a stated fee. We will confirm the booking by email with key details set out clearly and with a link to these terms and conditions.


2. Cancellation of booking (by you)

A booking may be cancelled within 24 hours of confirmation should you not agree to these terms and conditions. All cancellations must be made in written form (email is acceptable) and can not be received over the phone.

Beyond 24 hours all bookings are subject to the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation at least 8 weeks ahead of delivery date - no charge.

Cancellation 6-8 weeks ahead of delivery date - admin charge of £25 or reschedule within 6 months*

Cancellation 4-6 weeks ahead of delivery date - 10% of agreed fee or reschedule within 6 months*

Cancellation 2-4 weeks ahead of delivery date - 25% of agreed fee (reschedule within 6 months available for small surcharge)

Cancellation 1-2 weeks ahead of delivery date - 50% of agreed fee (reschedule within 6 months available for small surcharge)

Cancellation less than 1 week ahead of delivery date - 75% of agreed fee (reschedule available within 6 months for small surcharge)

*a booking may be rescheduled once within 6 months of the initial delivery date for the waiver of any cancellation fee, or for a small surcharge (in addition to the initial fee) in the case of cancellations made within 4 weeks of scheduled delivery.

Cancellation policy explained - we know that cancellation may sometimes be necessary due to illness, diary clashes and unforeseen events, and whilst we try to be as sympathetic as possible to this, we also have to protect the rights of our practitioners and respect the fact that as freelancers, a cancellation may mean loss of income and in the case of close to date cancellations may also incur actual costs (booked travel, accommodation, childcare, resource production etc). We believe our policy is simple and fair and is structured to ensure we can meet your needs as best as possible, whilst still protecting and respecting the needs of our own practitioner team. Our lead practitioner, Rob Bowden, will be happy to discuss any element of this policy with you.


3. Cancellation of booking (by Lifeworlds)

Lifeworlds Learning will always seek to deliver an agreed service on the date agreed at the time of booking. We may occasionally have to cancel a booking due to illness, weather conditions, travel disruption or other unforeseen circumstances. In these instances we undertake to:

Contact you at the earliest opportunity to alert you of the need to cancel;

Offer you an alternative date (by agreement) for the booking to be rescheduled;

Offer you the opportunity to cancel the booking without incurring any penalty fee or other charge.


4. Provision of service (by Lifeworlds)

Lifeworlds Learning will seek to deliver the service as described at the point of booking, but reserve the right to alter or amend the service offered under the following circumstances:

Where requested and agreed support for delivery (i.e. space, equipment, staffing) of our services is not provided to our practitioner;

Where the agreed audience (age range, number etc) is altered without prior notification;

Where staff illness or other circumstances require us to provide an alternative practitioner (this will be notified in advance where possible with options to reschedule if the service is specific to one of our specialist practitioners);

Where behaviour management places learners and/or our practitioners and our equipment and resources in jeopardy and our practitioner deems it necessary to vary the service accordingly.

In the above instances the booking will continue and the service will be delivered to the best of our ability. In all instances the agreed fee will be payable.

Lifeworlds Learning will not deliver an agreed service to schools unless a member of permanent teaching staff is available to support our practitioner as required (this normally means in relation to behavioural issues and any specified needs of learners that are beyond the scope of our practitioner to accommodate). If a practitioner arrives for a booking and is not satisfied that they have sufficient support in this respect they reserve the right to withhold the service until such provision is in place or to refuse the service. In this instance the agreed fee is still payable in full.


5. Amendment of services (by you)

Lifeworlds Learning recognise that there may be cause to amend an agreed service between the time of booking and the scheduled delivery date. We will seek to accommodate any amendments within the original booking but reserve the right to alter/reschedule/re-quote for our services if the amendments are significant or require additional resourcing from Lifeworlds Learning. Such changes will normally be caused by an increase in numbers (requiring additional practitioners) or a change in focus (possibly requiring additional preparation time for our team). We will always seek to discuss any such changes with you and to reach a new and mutually agreeable solution.


6. Payment for services (by you)

Lifeworlds Learning will agree a fee for service at the time of confirming a booking. This fee becomes payable on acceptance of these terms and conditions and subject to the cancellation policy in point 2 above.

In most instances Lifeworlds Learning will invoice on delivery of services and expect payment within 30 days. Invoices will normally be sent electronically as PDF documents to an agreed email contact. The date of the email is considered as the date of delivery unless amendments are requested to an invoice in which case the original invoice date is taken as the date of delivery.

Lifeworlds Learning reserves the right to charge in advance for some services (normally those with up-front preparatory or incurred costs) and may in some cases also demand a deposit for services agreed. For extended contracts and service agreements, Lifeworlds Learning reserves the right to set out a payment schedule to cover the commitment.

Where you are using a third party payment scheme (i.e. Global Learning Programme e-credits) to pay for services booked with and delivered by Lifeworlds Learning, you will be liable for the agreed fee until such time as the payment has been received from the third party payee. Should they fail to meet the agreed fee in full then you will be liable for the balance of payment owing to Lifeworlds Learning and will be invoiced accordingly.

Lifeworlds Learning reserves the right to charge for late payment of invoices (beyond 30 days) where a late payment schedule has not already been agreed with us. We will issue a late payment amended invoice in accordance with the statutory late payment (commercial debt) guidance set out by the UK government and available to view here.


7. Legacy, testament and permissions

Lifeworlds Learning understand the importance of sharing both the process and outcomes of learning and that this might be necessary or desirable for both parties. We are generally open to this and would encourage such sharing within the following limitations:

Materials used by Lifeworlds Learning in the delivery of its services may not be used for the onward offer of such services, except for internal sharing within the booking organisation.

Materials used by Lifeworlds Learning in the delivery of its services may not be openly reproduced, displayed or distributed for commercial or non-commercial gain without the express permission of Lifeworlds Learning.

Any images (still or moving) depicting Lifeworlds Learning practitioners and/or proprietary materials and content may not be shared in any form without the permission of the individual practitioner and/or Lifeworlds Learning. This includes all forms and extends to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc).

In support of appropriate and supportive sharing of learning Lifeworlds Learning will:

Clearly indicate materials for sharing and provide masters for use within the booking organisation for its onward learning;

Actively record and share key learning outputs with the learning community;

Advise as to relevant permissions for sharing of content (including images) and in which formats (including social media);

Manage the consent of fellow participants to provide clarity of permissions;

Seek permissions for any image, testimony or other content that it intends to use for its own purposes (including for newsletters, website content, and marketing).

Any specific requests for legacy, testament or sharing permissions (i.e. the filming of a session) must be agreed at the time of booking or in advance of the scheduled delivery date and may be subject to a separate agreement. Failure to inform Lifeworlds Learning in advance would constitute a change in service and in such circumstances Lifeworlds Learning would reserve the right to suspend or refuse service. Full payment for service would still be payable.


8. Lifeworlds Community

As a community interest company with a mandate to support learning communities in England, we will automatically you to the FREE Lifeworlds Community. You have no obligations to this and we include new contacts on the understanding that they may find the information, ideas, opportunities and onward signposting useful to their continued learning. Should you wish to withdraw from the community at any point you simply need to inform us (or respond to the automated email option to withdraw) and we will honour your privacy and choice.

We take personal data very seriously and will not share your information with any third party for any purpose, unless this forms part of a freestanding service agreement involving partner organisations where the use of your data will have been clearly explained at the point of booking.

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Bookings - terms & conditions

You can download these terms here.

You can download these terms here.