Learning Through Values has become one of our most demanded and successful learning opportunities for schools, both in England and more widely, including as far afield as Shanghai.

We have repackaged the programme for 2017 and have already signed up over 60 schools to participate in the programme since September 2017. We still have some capacity for 2018, but are currently opening bookings into 2019, so plan ahead and get in touch with us now to find out more.

Our Global Garden Day workshop supports pupils to plan, resource and build globally inspired gardens in your school grounds. Sharing ideas from Africa, Asia* and South America* and learning about poverty, food security and innovation, these workshops are excellent for developing character, encouraging teamwork and building resilience.

Our trained practitioners will support you every step of the way and a pre-visit will allow time to discuss how to make the project special to your school as well as review necessary health and safety issues to do with the site and access.

Find out more on the Global Garden Day pages or contact us with any questions.

*new offers available in 2018.

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Lifeworlds Learning are a community of educators, passionate about learning in schools, organisations, communities and as individuals.

We believe that learning is most meaningful when it explores values and real-world experiences through creative and critical opportunities. We know that this 'lifeworlds learning' is powerful in shaping our individual and collective futures.

We believe that the future demands new kinds of learning where people are given time, space, support and solidarity to better understand and respond to challenges.

We don't campaign and have no political or faith-based affiliation. We operate locally and internationally combining pedagogical research and practice-based learning.

We operate through partnerships, co-creation, bespoke provision and disruptive innovation.

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Build a Book transition project


New resource supports learning about refugees

The Bone Sparrow is the new novel by Zana Fraillon, shortlisted for the 2016 Guardian Children's Fiction Award.

It is a timely and important story of asylum seekers and refugees, told through the eyes of a young Rohingya boy born in an Australian detention centre.

Lifeworlds were asked by the National Literacy Trust to create learning notes/activities to support the release of The Bone Sparrow in paperback. These are free to download via NLT.

"This is an incredible teaching resource. Thorough, sensitive, intelligent and imaginative." Zana Fraillon, 2017


Build-a-Book is back and now includes a NEW "British" values package for schools.

Our popular Build-a-Book pupil workshops are back for 2017 and can be booked for a range of topics and projects in your school.

NEW for this year we have combined Build-a-Book with our internationally acclaimed Learning Through Values to offer schools the chance to use the Build-a-Book approach to help meet their requirement to promote Fundamental British Values.

Staff and pupils will receive specialist values support and through the Build-a-Book process have a lasting resource to support learning in their school. It will also stand as evidence for Ofsted of the school's engagement with values.

Find out more on the Build-a-Book pages or contact us with any questions.


Global Garden Day - pupil outdoor learning in your school grounds


A Fairtrade World is a workshop designed to engage learners in thinking about fairness, and global trade through the use of our giant floor map and resources that were originally created in partnership with the Fairtrade Foundation to support its work with schools.

The workshop is ideal for supporting global learning, Eco-Schools, Rights Respecting Schools, and of course those seeking to become Fairtrade Schools. Our trained practitioners will guide your learners through a series of kinesthetic activities that gradually build their understanding and engagement with the idea of Fairtrade.

Find out more on the Fairtrade World pages or contact us with any questions.

A Fairtrade World - experiential learning about fairness and global trade



Last school year we enjoyed learning with...

820 teachers

590 pupils

48 organisations

Sept 2016 -Jul 2017

Philosophy for Children (P4C) with Lifeworlds has this year entered an exciting new phase with our P4C practitioner involved in supporting several of the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) research schools on behalf of SAPERE.

Developed during 2016-17 we have now launched our P4C Experience days. They are proving very popular in helping schools to see and feel the real benefits of P4C. With new Lifeworlds P4C resources and support on the way, find out more about how Lifeworlds can support P4C in your school.